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  1. This module dedicates users a display of Instagram images on the website.

    • using facebook graph api v6.0
    • fully responsive
    • search feed from username or hashtag
  2. Joomla! displays a pop-up window for website visitors to prevent content from being crawled until the condition is accepted.

  3. Display articles from one or multiple categories, K2 categories or custom items in a filterable gallery. With Isotope Gallery you can easily transform articles or K2 items into portfolio.

    Data Source: Joomla Articles, K2 categories or Custom items

    Style settings

    Layout - Gallery / Isotope
    Columns - one / two / three /four / five / six
    Style - Light / Dark
    Details - On image over / Show default
    Items space - None / Space One / Space Two / Space Three

    Gallery Settings:

    Transition Type - fade/slide
    Loop ( Yes / No )
    Download button ( Show / Hide )
    Thumbnail ( Show / Hide )
    Thumbnails by default ( Show / Hide )
    Autoplay ( Yes / No )
    Autoplay controls( Show / Hide )
    Time between transition ( your choice )
    Transition duration ( your choice )
    FullScreen ( Show / Hide )
    Zoom ( Show / Hide )
    Mousewheel ( Yes / No )
    Share ( Show / Hide )
  4. UT Twittembed is a responsive module to show tweets in Joomla, tweets from your Twitter profile, from a twitter collection, from a twitter list, or tweets that you like. It is customizable with options such as: Limit of tweets, theme color, language, width, high. Also with advanced customization to change border colors, link color, hide border, scroollbar, footer and header, transparency to use on colored backgrounds.

  5. AdvancedRedirect Plugin

    This plugin is based on the Joomla Core Redirect Plugin and acts as a so-called drop in replacement for the Core Plugin. In addition to the Joomla Core Plugin, it allows you to define your own derivation rules.

    Sponsoring and Donation

    You want to support my work for the you can give something back and sponsor me.

    There are two ways to support me right now:
    - This extension is part of , write bug fixes, improving features and maintain my extensions.
    - You just want to send me an one-time donation? Great you can do this via .

    Thanks for your support!


    Initial setup the plugin

    • Download the latest version of the plugin:
    • Install the plugin using Upload & Install
    • Disable the core System - Redirect plugin from the plugin manager
    • Enable the plugin from the plugin manager

    Now the initial setup is completed and you can start configure the plugin.

    AdvancedRedirect Options

    Plugin Mode

    This plugin has three plugin modes:

    | Plugin Mode | Description |
    | Automatic | The plugin will try to get an URL to the category overview |
    | URL Hopping | The plugin will try to remove the latest part of the URL. |
    | Static redirect | The plugin will use a static redirect url |

    Static redirect URL

    When the plugin mode is in Static redirect mode this field holds the static redirect url.

    Suggest redirection

    With this option you can enable whether the plugin should suggest redirection to the 404

    Status of the suggestion

    With this option you can decide whether the suggested redirect is published or not.

    Update Server

    Please note that my update server only supports the latest version running the latest version of Joomla and atleast PHP 7.0.
    Any other plugin version I may have added to the download section don't get updates using the update server.

    Issues / Translations

    You have found an Issue, you have done a translation or have a question / suggestion regarding the plugin?
    or submit a pull request with the proposed changes.

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